Get Teidi's story on TV

We'd like you to meet Teidi, a dedicated single mum who relied on penalty rates to raise her family. Her story is not unique, Teidi is just one of thousands of Australians who rely on penalty rates to get by. Now the Turnbull Government is threatening to scrap them and force everyday workers like Teidi to take huge pay cuts that will stop them being able to afford the basics of everyday life. We want to get Teidi's story on TV to show Turnbull and his government that Australians support penalty rates.

We can't do it without you though, can you chip in $20 to get this ad on air? If we raise just $2000 we can get Teidi's story out to thousands of Australians in Queanbeyan, and show the government that Australians support penalty rates. 

Penalty rates provide a liveable income for many Australians who have to work late nights, weekends and public holidays to provide the services and care we all enjoy and need. We've been talking to everyday workers who rely on penalty rates to support their families and we want to get their message out. 

If you've been moved by Teidi's story, head over to our YouTube channel to hear how the Turnbull Government's cuts will affect other workers. Share these stories on social media.

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